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image capture: Chi Krneta

image capture: Chi Krneta

image capture: Chi Krneta

image capture: Chi Krneta

image capture: Chi Krneta




The environmental impact of any product, is either a business risk or an opportunity. Products such as disposable aerosol paint cans are conspicuously present in our world as a large, persistent waste stream. 


A refillable atomizer directed at grafitti artists, could radically reduce the enormous waste stream currently inherent to the spray paint.

In 2010, US spray paint manufacturers alone, produced 412 million cans. Not only are the cans themselves one time use, they are pressurized with hydrocarbons to extend the shelf life of the product.

The growing graffiti focused paint market developed by the likes of Montana, Molotow, and Ironlak have proven the market's value by adding a huge range of color selection and specialized nozzles for paint application.

Until now the can itself has gone unchanged, for more than a half century.

Providing a more sustainable product could open doors to the transformation of the entire paint delivery model. Potentially eliminating single use cans and transforming the retail space into an on demand mixing and filling station.  

The refillable atomizer shown here has a light but durable plastic shell around a chemical resistant and easily cleaned polycarbonate vessel. Re-design for sustainability also affords an oportunity for improved ergonomics as seen here in MUZZLE's angled grip. 


A range of specialized nozzles offer the highest quality paint control. Keeping an eye on production, it's design borrows readily available schrader valves and portable bike pumps for a robust pressurizing system.

Continuing on the success of other graffiti focused products, the MUZZLE  re-fillable atomizer, hopes to usher in a new era of sustainable artistic expression. 

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