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Canvas Backpack

This is actually an old drawing. But I think it can allow me to make a point. It is a marker and pencil sketch. You can see how I actually spread my work across a few pages. I f'd up some marker work (we can't all be Spencer Nugents and hit the thing the first time) and so began anew and ultimately put it all together in Photoshop...sacrilege, I know...Many people still cling to marker drawing on paper as an industry standard. While it is doable, I find it much less interesting to do than digital work.

This moment in time makes me think of when digital photography hit the scene. There was this weird slow transition. There was a lot of resistance even though the benefits of digital were both economically advantageous and incredibly efficient.

Digital drawing seems to be facing a similar moment. It is incredibly fast, economic and flexible. But there still seems to be some romantic attachment to work on paper...well fine, I'll play along. But I am calling it, now. Paper and Marker, your days are numbered. I heart my iPad Pro w/Pencil.

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